Training Methods and Philosophy

I train using positive reinforcement, with rewards, and believe that dogs should be trained effectively and fairly, allowing both dogs and owners to enjoy a lifelong relationship of mutual trust, respect and love.  I also believe that training should be FUN for both dog and owner!  And it really is a matter of us giving the appropriate direction to our dog(s), showing them what it is we want them to do, and rewarding them when they do it.  It's not about dominance.  It's not about constantly being reactive, but instead being proactive, and rewarding your dog for good behavior.  When you teach your dog in a positive manner you will have the joy of seeing your dog behaving the way you want.  Rewarding good behavior will cause your dog to OFFER you that same behavior again and again.  Training will solidify the bond you have with your dog, and start both of you down the road to sharing many happy years together.  And it just doesn't get any better than that!  If your goal for your dog is to have good basic pet manners or if you wish to go further with your training, the time you spend with your beloved dog will reap so many benefits, for both of you!